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The term “Grok” means to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

Here at GrokCare, we understand the need for better healthcare in India, especially for the millions of parents who struggle to manage and monitor the health of their child and gather important records to share with schools, play schools, hobby classes, camps, nurses and their doctors.

The team at GrokCare developed a system to organise and simplify the data collection to make it easily accessible for the healthcare providers at the ease of a click. The features are cleverly designed to guard the security of the records, so YOU can choose who you want to share the information with and how much. It remembers for you and it reminds you. With better portability of medical records of your child, the best health decisions can be made. So don’t wait, Grok it!!
GrokCare is India's first ever platform for online storage of medical records of children, available for use by parents and/or schools(agencies).
Healthcare Made Simple
Parents Grok It!
  • To manage and keep a track of your child's health information.
  • To be reminded of and to remember important days such as immunization scheduled, review meet with the doctor or even a regular check up etc.
  • To be able to share the information with your child's care providers whenever required.
Schools Grok It!
  • To ease all the paperwork involved in keeping the medical records.
  • To be better informed about the health of the child so that better care can be provided in order to prevent complications, and prompt actions taken in case of emergencies.
  • To share it with the staff handling the child, if necessary, with the consent of the parents.
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